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Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

Darius Davies Comedian


Guerilla Tennis art

‘Park, Set and Match’ is an incredibly creative, disruptive live art piece by Jorge Mañes. The guerrilla art installation is essentially an abuse of London’s supermarket parking garages (read: hell on earth) which he paints to turn into tennis courts, then holds real matches on them!

These privately owned properties are monitored by CCTV cameras and security guards; however, to legally occupy a parking space for two hours, you have to make some type of purchase (you could always stick to chewing gum.) Once your purchase is made, you can then set up your tennis match which will be automatically ‘televised’ by CCTV cameras. Really want to aggravate the security guards? Demand a copy of the tape: it is illegal for them not to give you one under h the creative commons act.

The Hoff is personalizing

Looking for a unique gift idea?

The Universal Posters website is offering you the opportunity to decide what David Hasselhoff will say on the autographed photo poster you order.

What message would your friend or family member most like to get from The Hoff, posing as a sexy bare-chested surfing Santa, or a suave, cigar-smoking convertible driver in a pinstriped suit?



This is a very random video called “J1zz In My Pants” that is spreading the internet like wildfire. It has had 2 million views in as many days, so is going to be huge. The video above shows the strange music video with ridiculous lyrics about men getting aroused too easily. The clip involves the glorious Andy Samberg but clearly had a less than small budget behind it, yet Justin Timberlake makes a brilliant cameo.

Not many details have been revealed yet, but I can tell you the song is the first single off Incredibad, the upcoming CD from Andy Samberg’s comedy posse, the Lonely Island.

No gravity Ads for Nationale Geographic

National Geographic Zero Gravity Idents + Making of from brothersandsisters


Streamlined 08 from Team Silver
Looks like heaven...


Generation V from DGENETICS


BERLIN KEIRIN AD from Danny Baarz

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2008

Fanta High Frequency advertising

Fanta’s new mobile app, Stealth Sound System, uses a surefire way to target a specific market. The app is meant as a way for teens to communicate on their cell phones without adults hearing them, and the Stealth Sound System features high-pitched sound frequencies that are inaudible to most people over 20.

Fanta’s Stealth Sound System is based on a controversial technology known colloquially as Mosquito Teen Repellent, which was developed by Howard Stapleton a few years ago to deter teens from loitering outside London shops.

Within Stealth Sound System, individual frequencies are tagged to represent phrases, essentially creating a new language only teens can hear and understand. Stealth Sound System was developed by Ogilvy Advertising.
Prinz M Pinakat, interactive marketing manager for Coca-Cola Europe, said it was vital to grow relationships with consumers via the popular mobile channel. "This new focus on providing entertaining digital content also fits perfectly with the Fanta brand vision to create more play in the world," he added. (


Colours !

Colours from Charlie McCarthy on Vimeo.

Prison break Ambient/ Guerilla

In order to communicate the premiere of Prison Break’s new season, cakes were sent with a tool to escape prison

Next Generation Guitar

American Apparel Interview

Underwear ad

700 singles in Switzerland signed up to participate in a Migros underwear ad, but this was no ordinary modeling gig. The 26 finalists who were chosen by the Swiss grocery chain stripped down to their skivvies in a campaign in hopes of scoring dates with other Swiss singles who might fancy them after seeing them in the ads.

The campaign was created by Agency the Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett agency in Zurich, Switzerland.

Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

City of Books

Sony Bravia Marketing

The Sony ‘Bravia-drome’ is the latest brilliant marketing strategy of the television manufacturer. The 10-ton zoetrope was recently unveiled in London and will star in a new commercial to promote the company’s Motionflow technology. “Color like no other” is becoming “Motion like no other.”

The feature is said to make viewing smoother, which will be great for sports fans. To demonstrate their claims, the giant spinning Bravia-drome displayed the illusion of Brazilian football player Kaka in action from 64 still photos.

The giant zoetrope, which measures 10 meters in diameter, broke the Guinness World Record for the largest device of its kind ever built.

How to talk to girls

Adidas Originals Ad

beckham Hide & seek

Victoria beckham in a self parody commercial airing in the UK.

Samstag, 6. Dezember 2008

Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius

dirty song - crazy clip.

Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

My Own Daft Punk Helmet

My Daft Punk helmet from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

Whopper Virgins

urger King’s ‘Whopper Virgins’ campaign is a taste-test between BK’s Whopper and McDonald’s Big Mac. It took place amongst people living in remote villages of Thailand and Romania, as well as outposts in Greenland; people who’ve never had either of those burgers cross their lips.

Controversy over Burger King’s ‘Whopper Virgins’ taste test ad/documentary, created by ad giant Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, can be found on YouTube, blogs, and even editorials. At issue is whether the people used as ‘Whopper Virgins’ test subjects are being exploited and/or made fun of.

As it stands now, it seems the Burger King powers that be simply are looking for unbiased, pure (virgin) taste-buds, when it comes determining taste preference of their BK Whopper versus the McDonald’s Big Mac.

Test results and full-footage from the Burger King ‘Whopper Virgins’ will be released in four days, according to the Burger King ‘Whopper Virgins’ website.

See more @ Whopper-virgins

Guerilla Wakeboarding in Venice

Interactive papercraft

for stella artois!

Coke - Ambient

Clever Coke & Coke Light outdoor placement

Jay-Z Brooklyn Go Hard

awesome spot. likin it


future IBM trends

Microsoft opens SoftWEAR

far too much to post for my blog. please watch this creazy microsoft cross-branding here

Nikon S 60

The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces.

Galactic Mail

Galactic Mail from Asterokid on Vimeo.

Queer travellin ad

Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany For Queer Travelling

Kermit sings LCD Soundsystem


Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

best of disco 2008

FAN DEATH - Veronicas Veil

Preview to Astro Boy

will be comin in 2009.

highest base jump ever

dubai base jumper. crazy MTF


Absolutley low fuel consumption. seen @ arabaquarius


Walrus & tiny sax

There's a cute new animal in town, and it has a giant mustache (and a tiny sax).

Pete the Meat Puppet

Nerd Rap

Busting out from an office cubicle is Seagate’s new viral nerdcore rap-to-the-max ad called “Stack the Memory"

Fearless cat

this fearless cat rocks the roomba.

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2008

Raab at its Best.

there was a time when stefan raab actually was funny. see in the clip above

Urban Play - movin trees

“The Moving Forest are 100 trees strapped into 100 shopping-carts lurking around in an urban environment blocking peoples way and forcing passers to act on them. According to NL’s Gen Yamamoto the idea comes from a story he heard as a child about a forest where the trees move at night so that people would loose there way and could never get out. This story has been haunting him ever since. In his mind he could imagine people adopting a tree e.g. homeless could start to take one on their journey through the city. The trees would pop up unexpectedly in small side streets or dark corners or be pushed over a big public square. They would group in smaller groups or be sparkled over the town.”

Breathing books

Edith Kollath’s ‘Things’ installation

Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

Vagina HERO

The next phase of g.-Hero will be launched soon... Vagina Hero. show your skills on the clit. What will be next? Cock Hero? seen @ trendhunter

design BMW screen


Anti Drug Campaign

shocking anti drug campaign airing in the uk!

Forum/Special Blend x The Hundreds

read more about this nice winter jacket @ highsnob


Just fpund this picture @ilikecool . gettin this for your pervert child would be fun.