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Freitag, 29. Januar 2010


Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Diesel - STUPID

just wait., wait

Remi Gaillard PIZZA

Mercedes: Avoid Surprises


Fever Ray Speech

In what could only be described as freaky moaning, Swedish electronica singer Fever Ray (aka Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson) shocked, thrilled and pleased fans with her acceptance speech at the recent Swedish awards show. I’m not sure which is more shocking, her moaning speech, or her grotesque melted face mask.

Primate Film Director

The Chimpcam movie is a film shot entirely by chimpanzees. Betsy Herrelko, a primatologist, came up with the idea to let chimpanzees film themselves, giving an intimate look into how these primates view each other and the world. The Chimpcam captures life as a chimpanzee, bringing light to the natural curiosity they have with modern technology and the world.

Faux Infomercial

VSO Ireland (Voluntary Service Overseas) is taking the humor route to get teachers to go to places where they are needed such as Guyana, Ghana, Nepal and Mongolia. The ad (at first glance) appears to be some horrible 1980s or 1990s infomercial for unnecessary products, but it is actually a cleverly disguised ad for VSO Ireland.

Check out the video above to see how a very serious and helpful organization is using humor to spread awareness and promote voluntary services overseas.

Self Aware Gaming

The next generation of gaming is here with the Microsoft Project Natal game; no controller or joystick is needed.

The game creates a character based on your specifications and allows you to interact with him/her on multiple levels, responding emotionally and intelligently. It is in real time so all the reactions you receive are genuine and directed toward you.

The Microsoft Project Natal game offers something in video game entertainment that’s never been successfully done before: artificial intelligence. Whether you dig it or think it’s downright bizarre, the Microsoft Project Natal game will forever change the way we view virtual entertainment.

Blogger Sheep Shells

For the web-nomad on the go, personal space and quiet privacy can be hard to come by (especially if your office happens to be at Starbucks or a similar environment). Enter the Hermit Nap Station, a privacy sleeping pod by Australian Design Science student Kerry Jia Yi Lin.

The Hermit Nap station is described as an “experimental interactive shell” which encloses a felt shell around you once its RFID tags have sensed that you’ve crossed your arms and put your head down for rest. Watch the video to see what the Hermit Nap Station can do for you.

Muppetified Basketball

The world’s biggest shoe conglomerate has jumped on the band wagon and released the Nike Most Valuable Puppets Campaign to the sell their sports wear.

Puppets can be used to sell almost anything, at least I’d buy pretty much any product endorsed by a puppet, especially if they were representing a celebrity.

In the video you see Lebron James and Kobe as 6 inch tall plush toys. Now, normally I don’t buy a lot of products from this company, but after seeing these two NBA stars dance around like Kermit, the Nike Most Valuable Puppets campaign has got me hook line and sinker.

Star Wars Dance Troops

Whether or not the force is with this dance troop is a matter of personal opinion; however, I will take any chance I can get to write about Evil Star Wars characters totally geeking out in public. In this case, it’s a group of Stormtroopers dancing to South Korean pop group Wonder Girls hit ‘Nobody.’

This particular group of Stormtroopers, formally known as ‘Seouldance Troopers,’ created the pop dance video in response to an earlier Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya video.

Rockstar Soda

In a very unusual pairing of brands, 125 year old soft drink company Dr Pepper has teamed up with the current members of Kiss and purchased a 30 second time slot during Super Bowl XLIV. The Dr Pepper Super Bowl Ad will feature none other than Heavy Metal gods Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. The announcement was made on the NYSE trading floor.

Apparently this odd co-branding is a “Dr Pepper / Dr Love” thing. Part of the plan includes social media tactics on, Facebook and Twitter. Watch the video featuring Dr. Pepper Snapple Group CEO Larry Young talking about the Dr Pepper Super Bowl XLIV Ad with Kiss in full metal garb.

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

DulyRobotnik new mix

enjoy the new Dulyrobotnik mix with punding electro beats. download here

Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

Robin Hood Trailer

Ridley Scott, director of Gladiator, re-imagines the story of Robin Hood with none-other than actor, Russell Crowe. The film takes a darker, more graphic approach to telling the story of the expert archer who travels to the town of Nottingham after serving in King Richard’s army. Finding the town is run by a corrupt sheriff, he assembles a gang of mercenaries that prey on the indulgent upper class in order to correct the injustices of the sheriff. Robin Hood also stars Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong and William Hurt and is set to release in May 2010.


PRESS + from benjamin ducroz on Vimeo.

Tape Measure Master

Peugeot SR1 Concept

Peugeot SR1 from stéphane leloutre on Vimeo.

Praten Partei vs Nacktscanner

General Larry Platt

62-year-old Larry Platt or “General” Larry Platt, gained instant internet fame and my respect last night with his American Idol rap ‘Pants on the Ground.’ The hilarious rap is about today’s youth and their love for having pants that go to the ground.

Larry wowed the judges and his song is taking the internet by storm. Sadly he wasn’t allowed to advance due to being a few years (34) over the age limit. I wish Larry Platt all the luck in the world with his song ‘Pants on the Ground.’

Best Coke vending machine ever

The only thing out of the ordinary that ever happens on a trip to the vending machine is that the stupid thing takes your money and refuses to drop your drink. Well, the college students in this ad may beg to differ.

The pop machine shown instantly becomes the most popular thing on campus as it starts to give out much more than what was paid for. The magical vending machine starts by giving out extra bottles of pop, then various other goodies like a bouquet of flowers and an enormous submarine sandwich. This fairy pop machine is part of Coke’s ‘Open Happiness’ campaign.

Adidas - Star Wars Commercial

the Snuggie D-Lux

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Night Lights in Auckland

night lights from thesystemis on Vimeo.

Glowing in the dark teabags

Lighting Bag by Wonsik Chae from Takashi Yamada on Vimeo.

Breakdancing Robot

Coolest Guy in the world 2

uggling, gymnastics, skateboarding, this man does it all. At the same time.

Check out the original Coolest Guy in the World. It's the same guy.

iVictrola Ipod Amplifier

You might think that gramophone died with Nipper the dog, but it’s remarkable to see something of a bygone era relive through the blitz of technology. The ivictrola iPod amplifier created and designed by Matt Richmond might appear an old-fashioned object that brings back the memories of a bygone era however, is an extremely convenient gadget of the iPod age. What looks like an antique at the first site can play your iPod without using batteries or an electrical plug or a solar panel for that matter, but the device runs on an acoustic amplification based on its simple and smart engineering. Handcrafted from recycled walnut pieces from the high-end furniture, the horn is made from metal that actually maximizes the amplification to keep you grooving. Expected to be a limited edition device, the ivictrola iPod amplifier will be priced somewhere near $400 and will be available soon at Design Without Reach.

Levis Pop up closet

Levi’s goes viral with a very fascinating project that allows for a simple cardboard box to act as a pop-up closet. Store your jeans, shirts, socks, and more, and all you have to do is flatten the box again to save space. The concept comes from the Moriterbrigade agency in Belgium.

3d Iphone app

This new experimental application by Ogmento called “Augmented Reality” uses a two dimensional marker which decrypts and presents a 3D model of the iPhone on top of the camera’s view finder.

No, I don’t get how it works, but it’s pretty cool. You can rotate the model and even open as much as 4 different Orange services.

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