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Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

Print strikes back

Batman uses google

inappropriate christmas toons

The adoption agency

Kiddie sensation

Currently making its way into YouTube stardom is this video of an adorable boy performing the hit song ‘I’m Yours.’ He’s pretty talented with his ukulele, and while he isn’t singing the original words, it’s precious.

When YouTube videos go viral you never know exactly how far the buzz will go. This ‘I’m Yours’ kid may soon be making the rounds on the morning talk shows, maybe he’ll even get a recording deal.

Vitalic - see the sea

Mc Donalds Coffee

the copenhagen bike

how they do films

Stargate Studios Reel from RAWworks on Vimeo.

Alice in Wonderland trailer

Alice In Wonderland Trailer from Nils/ editor on Vimeo.

alpine thriller

OK, OK, so Michael Jackson tribute videos aren’t ‘new’ anymore, but this mountaintop Michael Jackson tribute is a whole new take on creative commemoration! Shot at the top of a powdery white ski hill in Portillo, Chile, a group of four Thriller-lovers in skin-tight baby blue ski suits did an impeccably timed synchronized dance. Amazing.

“Dancing in the movie is the Norwegian Skiteam represented by Aksel Lund Svindal, Kjetil Jansrud, Lars Elton Myhre and coach Tron Moger,” the YouTube description says.

stop motion storytelling

The New Zealand book council found a creative way to make books fun again with this video. With the tag line “Where Books Come to Life” this animated commercial takes us to a paper fantasy world of darkness and suspence.

This beautiful stop motion animation brings life into the pages of the book “Going West” by Mauriac Gee.

This commercial is definitely an effective way to urge people into reading.

Freitag, 11. Dezember 2009

Poney Poney - cross the fader

Vitalic - Poison Lips

Vitalic - Poison Lips from Seiji Ito on Vimeo.

Clean it up

Nike Debacle Skating

Nike Debacle from mike on Vimeo.

H2oil Sequences

H2oil animated sequences from Dale Hayward on Vimeo.


Elio from Rob Diaz on Vimeo.

Axe Bodyspray

Axe, a company known for eccentric promo ideas, came up with the idea to sponsor street musicians to spread buzz about their leather-scented deodorant.

In exchange for putting up an Axe Instinct sign and giving out free samples, they’re paying branded buskers $1,000 for 4 months of buskvertising. Part of the deal includes singing Cody Chesnutt’s song “Look Good in Leather”—the theme of the new Axe Instinct ads—a few times a day.

Seductive seniors

Canadian non-profit group Rethink Communications is dedicated to inspiring future science trends and is taking a disturbingly seductive approach to confirming wonders of science. Their new ad for Science World suggesting that older men enjoy the scent of vanilla takes the age-old concept that sex sells to extremely new heights. The ad includes numerous shots of erotic senior women indulging in vanilla ice cream.

Town of twins

The town of Candido Godol, Brazil is the place to go if you have are looking for a set of twins. The Brazilian town has a twin rate that is almost 1000 percent higher than the world average.

Many theories circle around what the cause is for this twin-filled town. One theory suggests that escaped Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele was attempting to produce a master Aryan race and this is the result.

Metal on Metal - Bastard

Metal on Metal "BASTARD" from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

great movie and nice song

flash mob

Painted on clothing is certainly a unique way to advertise an online fashion store—especially since no clothes are featured!

A mini flash mob of both male and female body painted models invaded Oxford Circus, the central point of one of London’s busiest shopping areas. At first glance it does look like the models are dressed, but upon closer inspection it is clear that the only thing being worn is painted on clothing.

This PR/viral video stunt took advantage of the new crossings in central London and had body painted models walk an impromptu catwalk session bringing the shopping area to a total standstill.

biking guerilla

Two men were arrested in New York for repainting a 14-block stretch of road on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn with a bike lane. The lane had had recently been removed by the city due to compaints from businesses.

I can’t say whether or not I agree with the decision to remove the lane, or to take matters into your own hands when it comes to traffic laws, but one thing I now know for sure is that New Yorkers take their biking very seriously

Victorias Secret - Michael Bay ad

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

His mother canceld his WoW Account....

Dog Hump succeed

Rotating kitchen

rotating kitchen from Zeger Reyers on Vimeo.

Rotating Kitchen ist eine Installation von Zeger Reyers und die dreht sich ganz langsam noch bis zum 28. Februar in der Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

Naughty Window shopping

For some, window shopping is a traditional part of the festive season, but this holiday season, passersby might be getting a little more of an eyeful than usual.

Fashion retailer XOXO has soared to new heights of seasonal marketing with their naughty XOXO peep window which, instead of displaying traditional holiday sale items, features fashion models changing their wardrobes in front of mass crowds on the street. I’m thinking about changing my views on window shopping after watching this video. Happy Holidays!

French cycling prank

I love a good practical joke, as does French comedian Remi Gaillard, so when he took it upon himself to create a faux Tour de France, everyone knew it was only going to end in hilarity.

Capturing unsuspecting cyclists who are biking up one of France’s most daunting climbs the faux Tour de France greets them with a welcome like that of a winning competitor, complete with cameras, crowd, trophy, and a reporter asking them how they feel.

All time favorite ad

The holy egg...

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2009

Robot dance battle

These shimmying, twisting and swaying robot dancers competed in the 6th Annual Robo-One Gate International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Japan.

Robo-One is a robot competition category for bipedal humanoid robots. Robot hobbyists compete in categories where their robots walk, climb stairs and wrestle each other (rock ‘em sock ‘em style). Humanoid robots are built to mimic human actions and behaviors.

Robot hobbyist Tsutomu Ikeda spent countless hours on his robot dancer ‘Black Tiger Neo’ and the little robot danced his heart out to Michael Jackson’s Thriller against seven other robot dancers by internationally renowned robot developers.

i gotta feeling..

Hamster Jazz Musical

Breakdance in the iran

Rachel Bilsons deleted sex scene

Techno Granny

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Human Anime Marriages

Anime addictions have found a new extreme: anime marriages. A Japanese man, who goes by the name Sal9000, married his anime girlfriend (now there’s a phrase deserving of ridicule) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Photos of the honeymoon can be seen in the gallery.

His new bride, Nene Anegasaki, lives in a video game on the Nintendo DS. Perhaps this is just the beginning for anime marriages. Seriously, this is a joke, right? Because if it isn’t, then I can think of one person who definitely needs some therapy. And a life.
"On Sunday, a man named Sal9000 married the love of his life. Her name is Nene Anegasaki, and she lives inside of a Nintendo DS video game called Love Plus. The wedding took place during a Make: Japan meet-up held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. In attendance were a live audience, an MC, the bride’s virtual video game girlfriend — who made a speech — and a real human priest." (


Are you a young man, ages 13-24, who finds it hard staying "cool" around the ladies? Flacidux can help.

Near London Digital City Double

Welcome to NearLondon, London’s Oxford Street as you’ve never seen it before—no litter, no traffic, no crowds, no queues, and best of all, no rain. Shoppers tired of the hustle, bustle and squash of London’s most popular retail location now have a new virtual alternative. NearLondon is an interactive 3D website that recreates the famous high street in virtual form, complete with all its best brands.

Just as Oxford Street is made for serious shopping, this NearLondon virtual shopping world is devoted to the same purpose. Based on gaming technology, NearLondon was created with the support of retailers and is based on painstaking real life research and mapping.

At NearLondon, shoppers can see the exact details of buildings and storefronts and browse the window fronts, which are digital offerings from real life retailers. From there they can interact with friends via social networking sites to discuss what’s on offer, and of course connect directly to the store’s online presence to complete their purchase.

NearLondon is not the first attempt to bridge the online shopping world with the real bricks and mortar world, but it is the first to create an exactly mapped replica of a real life shopping mecca. Further cities are already planned, but the creators are torn between making users visit a virtual airport or providing a teleport option.

Yeasayer Ambling Alp

Yeasayer "Ambling Alp" from Team G on Vimeo.

crazy video - nice song

Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black

MTV Plugs into dreamworld

MTV Plugs into Dreamworld from Johan Polhem on Vimeo.

In your Face Advertising for 2012

Man Vs. Toddler

Make my Logo bigger

Vampire Weekend - Cousins

This is Vampire Weekend’s follow-up single to “Morchata” and their debut video off of their forthcoming album, Contra. It’s feverish-paced, almost surf rock-inspired music, and the video matches that electricity. The band members are captured on a steady-cam as they zip up and down a single track in a city alley. It’s a wonderful and simple conceit which heightens the effects of the song. Contra is due for worldwide release on January 11th, 2010.

Crash Disc Vinyl

Live Painting

VEUCH @ Dune from kitsuney on Vimeo.